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Unlike most contemporary art spaces, Window doesn't build a neutral context to house the things it presents. It neglects to provide a framing mechanism of its own, allowing instead for the institution to exist as a readymade frame. No more than a pane of glass (and sometimes not even that) separates Window's activities from their environment. However the relationship between host and hosted is not always a tension-free one, and nor should it be.

For this project, the dialogue that takes place between the work and it's institutional frame has been expanded and multiplied across a number of sites, foregrounding the importance of the relationship, but also the variety of forms it can take. Such variety is possible not only because a diverse bunch of artists are involved, but because the institutional body itself isn't homogenous. The University's attempts at self-representation are different in different areas of the campus, for after all, the institution cannot be reduced to land owned, student enrolled, or a management structure: it is more diffuse than that, its structure more open to manipulation. In this way, any shift in content, even a temporary one, can re-cast the frame.


Suddenly So

"I arrived on time for the show, slightly after six when the opening was advertised to start. I got there early to insure that I did not miss John’s performance.

A moment passed and it was over. Everyone was asking each other whether they had seen the artist make the work. No one had. The artist didn’t ask for an audience. Missing the event left me bemused, and disappointed. I felt like I had been caught out. I was probably talking about something trivial to a friend at the time.

The artist had written the words “suddenly so” in water on the courtyard area outside the main entrance of the library foyer and gallery space. In a handwritten version of an italic font, the letters were linked and flowed into each other, moving the reader forward. Two water bottles, used to make the work were left nearby.

The words were catalysts for conversation. Each of us creating the event that we just missed. As the action soaked in, the water did into the concrete. What I initially mistook as missing out was rather an open invitation to take part of a sentence started, from a moment past."

Sarah Rose

"Hey buddy

Here goes...

Arriving at the Various Artists opening I walked around the corner from Alfred Street and into the foyer space. Asking for a map that would provide instructions for finding the work I noticed your piece was in the paved area outside the library. A space I had obviously walked right past thinking it was empty. Clearly visible on the ground were the words Suddenly So carefully written in linked text with what I assumed to be water. The day was one of Auckland's most humid this summer gone and the text had visibly evaporated already to some degree. I went to see some other work scattered around the University and upon returning the words Suddenly So had fully evaporated.


ps It was Suddenly So right?"

Partick Lundberg