You Are Here

Kah Bee Chow, Fiona Connor, Finn Ferrier, Alex Monteith, John Ward Knox

2 February – 1 March 2008


Curated by Ariane Craig-Smith, ARTSPACE 2007 Curatorial Intern

Photos by Alex North

Poster design by Nell May

Mapping Manoeuvres

I was walking the other day, and as I walked I thought about the action, the way my body moved through space, the invisible trail that stretched out behind me; a trajectory of motion and points of rest. If I was to draw that map, what would it look like? How would I record my relationship to the places through which I passed? Do I mark the familiar points of the terrain or note the irregularities?

To map is to record the contours of a space, to trace a path taken or potential, to describe the history of a place, or project its future. It is a way of describing the known or significant features of a landscape, but also of contemplating the unknown, the outer limits or gaps between familiar territories. To map is also to consider motion, trajectory, to ponder journeys, and to take them, either in body or mind. To map is to create an aid to navigation, to locate the body within a space both physical and psychological, and to propose paths through that space. In its pivotal consideration of location a map forms an intersection of the body with a landscape, with a space. We scan a map for a geography with which to identify, the point of familiarity from which we can begin to chart out into other territory. “You are here…”

Following regular, well-worn routes marked out on my internal map, each time my passage is slightly different. Each journey becomes a negotiation between the familiar route, and the opportunity to deviate, pause, alter my mode of transport, as well as the need to respond to the specifics of the moment.

I encounter a place familiar to me but something has changed, shifted, and I become attentive to the space around me, the distances from my body to the walls, height, the materiality of the architecture, as I attempt to locate the change. In considering my location I become aware of motion and stillness, the points between which I move, how my action defines the space and it inflects my action.

My experience of this place is different to yours, my trajectory intersects but does not match. We activate space, articulate place through tactical manoeuvres, forming our own maps.

Ariane Craig-Smith
poster by Nell May
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